You’ll love giving them and they’ll love receiving them. Exhilarating fragrances, Supple Soft Skin, and a Bath & Body experience like no other. Listed below are the gift set bundles for her, him and y’all. Grab one for yourself and the one that you love to touch, tease, and smell. Please type in notes if they are any skin allergies we need to be aware of as each product can be customized to your liking as well as the skin type for Travel Skincare Kit. For any of the products whatever scent you would prefer just let us know in the notes section at checkout. 

Bundles include the following:
•H.E.R: (Female Gift Set)
-Travel Skincare Kit
-Bath Bomb or Shower Steamer
-Soap (Bar or Liquid)
-Body Scrub
-Body Moisturizer (Oil or Butter)

•Brother to the Night: (Male Gift Set)
-Beard Oil
-Beard Shampoo
-Soap (bar or liquid)
-Lip Scrub
-Lip Balm 
-Massage Oil or Body Butter

•When WE...: (Our Gift Set)
-Create your own gift bundle for you and MR. 
-Pick any soap (pick out two; one for you and for him), body scrub of choice (just sugar, just salt, both sugar and salt; also let me know the scent you prefer), body moisturizer (massage oil or body butter), aroma steamer: this is either a bath bomb or shower steamer which will release an aromatic fragrance of choice while in the shower or bath tub, lip balm (pick two; one for you and one for him)

Valentine’s Day Gift Sets

Gift Bundle
Type of Soap
Body Scrub Type
Body Moisturizer
Candle Scent

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