Video chat session where we take a deeper look into what’s really going on with your skin, what you’re already using, what your daily habits consist of, and what you’re eating. At the moment there isn’t a time frame on how long we discuss your skin. As long as you have the time, I don’t mind!

Please be mindful and respectful, that although there isn’t a time frame of how long the session will last when your video session is booked at a certain time we need you to show up on time. We understand that life happens unexpectedly but we ask for some type of notice or reasoning via email if you’re not able to attend the session. 

If you miss your session, you will have to book and pay for another session. *Your payment is non refundable and no transfers will be applied to new sessions.*

We thank you for your interest in getting your skin corrected with our company and look forward to keeping your skin clean, clear, and blemish free. See you in your future video session soon!

Skincare Consultation


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