Our Car Air Fresheners/Diffusers allows fragrances to carefully filter through into a confined space. Perfectly suited for cars and wardrobe closets. Our air fresheners come with attachment strings to tie to your desired location. Available in a variety of scents ranging from exclusively essential oils to highly scented fragrance oils. Instructions for Use-Activating Scent:•Unscrew kid and remove stopper.•Give a gentle shake to let the wooden top absorb a small dose of oil, this allows the fragrance /essential oil to penetrate the wooden cover and release the scent. •Be careful not to shake too rigorously as it may cause spillage.• Once uncapped , keep product upright. • Whenever you feel the fragrance is too mild, give a gentle shake so that e oil penetrates the wooden cover. Alternatively you can invert once a week to keep your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. 

Car Air Freshener

Natural Scent

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